Monday, August 29, 2011

September Plans

I hope to to a daily circle time which will include songs, stories, and calendar.  I haven't quite planned that all out yet. Then I will do 1 activity each day. I hope to follow this schedule

Week 1
(Sept 5-9 - I will be starting on Labor Day)
Monday - Math Water Bag
Tuesday - Painting with cut straws
Wednesday - Write w/ water on chalkboard
Thursday - Sink / Float
Friday -  Alphabet Same & Different

Week 2
(Sept 12-16)
Monday -Race to 20
Tuesday - Spin Art
Wednesday - Bean bag toss onto ABC mat
Thursday - Sensory – rice
Friday - Copy Blocks

Week 3
(Sept 19-23)
Monday - Coins in a piggy bank
Tuesday - Leaf Prints
Wednesday - Fish for letters
Thursday - Go on a Nature Walk
Friday - Pounding a Puzzle

Week 4(Sept 26-30)
Monday - Count around the House
Tuesday - Apple Tree
Wednesday - Splat Letters
Thursday - Sensory – Water in the sink
Friday - How Many Steps?


  1. Jodie! Just recently subscribed to your blog, probably referred by Pinterest at some point, and just want to say thanks!! This is fantastic. I just checked out a few activities from this post and know this will be perfect. Thanks for your time and effort in posting! I will be a regular follower. I have a 3 yr old and a 2 yr old.:) Oh, and of course, I LOVE your Pinterest boards.

  2. Thanks Jess for the nice comment. I am hoping by posting my plans it will help me make sure I stick with it!

  3. Someone pinned one of your activities on pinterest, and I clicked over to your blog. Love the alphabet printables... will be using them today at our homeschool co-op. Looking forward to reading what you do next!