Saturday, March 24, 2012

Mix & Match Easter Egg Puzzles

  I cut out a several Easter egg shapes from different scrapbook paper patterns. Then I cut each egg into 4 sections, making sure I used different lines (straight, zig-zag and wavy). On a piece of cardboard I traced the egg shape and the different sections I made.

Then C was free to make her egg however she liked

 She made one that was all the same

Other ideas:
*Make patterns

*Adult makes one egg and the child has to make one that matches
(or take pictures of eggs you make, print them and child makes an egg to match picture)

Blog Note: This may be my last post for awhile - we are expecting baby #3 within the next 2 weeks or so and who knows when I will get around to posting something again :)

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Last Minute St. Patrick's Day Activity

C and I made this "card" to bring to her Grandma later today.

 She glued together groups of 3 hearts I cut out using a heart hole punch.
I put dots on the paper where she was to match the point of the heart to the dot.
She made one 4 leaf clover that she wants Grandma to find.

 She added stems and wrote "Happy St. Patrick's Day"

 Can you find the 4 leaf clover?

This could be a teacher/parent made project, where the child has to find the 4 leaf clover.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!