Friday, November 19, 2010

What we have been doing..

I guess I haven't posted in awhile. Mostly because I just didn't take pictures of what we have been doing. That, and baby J hasn't been taking long afternoon naps lately.

I thought I would share some pictures of seasonal things I have out.
The felt turkey, the feather counting and color matching (made from paper) are leftover from my teaching days. 
(sorry about the dark pictures)

 Pumpkin toss - I made a stuffed pumpkin and C tossed it into a waste basket
 Felt board turkey
 Counting feathers
Matching feathers

This isn't Thanksgiving related, but I finally got around to making the button snake I have seen around blog land. I recently saw this post on Activity Mom using felt pieces shaped like leaves. I probably won't get around to making leaves, but I do plan on making felt trees for Christmas. 

 We made lots of hand print turkeys
(not sure why this one showed up sideways)

 Hand print candy corn

My version of the button turkey
(I am not much of a sewer, but he was pretty easy to make)

I have other ideas planned, hopefully I can get those pictures posted before Thanksgiving!

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  1. I love the button turkey. The feather matching is really cute too.

  2. O my goodness! That handprint candy corn is so clever!! And I love the pumpkin toss game--simple and perfect for a toddler. I know Little Man would love that! I love all of these fabulous ideas for kids! Thanks for linking up to the Thanksgiving feast at Oopsey Daisy!


  3. Loving your ideas! I am so excited to follow your blog! =)