Saturday, January 8, 2011

Tot School - Snowman Week

C is 32 months
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 I am not sure if they still make Danimals drinks in this shape? I don't buy them, but I saved these from my teaching days when a child would bring them in for snack. I always thought they looked like snowmen, so I colored one with a Sharpie marker. They work well for Snowman bowling...

This was probably C's favorite of the week! I put tape on the floor to mark where to set the "pins" up. I thought about writing numbers on the tape and pins so she could match, but never got around to that.

Sometimes I forgot I have a huge collection of materials from my teaching days. I dug out all the snowman stuff I could find for C to work with this week. I didn't even get to it all.
 Color matching the hats to the noses and buttons
 I used the snowman that was missing the buttons to play this counting activity.

 Using the buttons to trace letters
 Using the buttons on the counting cards
 Playing with the felt snowman

After seeing this post on Teach Preschool I had to try it. I put the tape on the floor and right away C seemed to know what to do. She jumped from each shape. Then I put the line on the floor and she jumped and balanced on it.

 She is always matching, she started to collect blue toys to put on the blue tape
 I got out these blocks for her to trace the shapes with. She wasn't too interested in this and didn't even  finish this shape.
 She stacked the blocks instead

  Baby J even participated this week, she is really into putting things into something and taking them out. So I gave her an empty puffs container and blocks.

 This was another failed activity. I wrote the letters on the tape to match the letter blocks with, but she wasn't interested. Instead she would just walk along the tape, naming the letters as she walked.
 To keep C occupied for a few minutes while I had to care for J, I told her to use her new camera to take pictures of things that were green. She took this task very seriously and took (extremely) up close pictures of all things the green she could find!

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  1. Isn't it funny how they just know what to do? I love it!! The snowman bowling is awesome too!!

  2. What awesome ideas! I love the snowman and buttons idea!! Thanks for sharing your week!

  3. Those are cute ideas! We are doing snowmen week this week so I may have to try some of these out!

  4. Love your ideas! I laughed when you said you sometimes forget you have teaching stuff. I do that all the time! I will finish an activity at home and then remember something awesome that would have worked well as a companion activity!

  5. What a great week!! : ) I really like the snowman bowling game.

  6. I love your ideas! I need to try the letters on tape with JDaniel. I also love the button tracing.

  7. These are some great ideas. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Oh, you had such a fun week!! I love the tape on the floor and matching up the ABC blocks. So smart!

    Catherine :)

  9. What a lot of NEAT activities! The snowman bowling is adorable!

  10. Love the snowman bowling. I have tons of stuff from my teaching days, too, but sometimes it is honestly just easier to print stuff out and make new than dig around in the storage room through all my hundreds (it seems) of tubs to find things. LOL!

  11. LOVE these ideas! I will definitely be using some of these with my 2 year old!

  12. Oooh! Great ideas. Thanks for sharing. We have done duck tape letters on our floor but this gives me so many more ideas!!

  13. Love the Snowman Bowling! Thanks for linking up at Thematic Thursday!