Monday, December 17, 2012

Snowflake Bump Game

C is in 4K now and is sent home a simple homework activity every week. This past weekend she came home with a game I hadn't heard of before - a math bump game. After a quick search on Teachers Pay Teachers I found the exact game she brought home. She loved it so much we created a version she can play at home since she had to return the Gingerbread Bump Game back to school. (click on the titles for the printable)



Each player needs 20 makers (ones that are stackable are preferred) - each player needs a different color.

Players take turns rolling the dice. Add (or subtract) the dice together and cover that number on the game board (if subtracting tell child to find the larger number and subtract from that die)

If that number is already covered by another player, they can bump that marker off and replace it with their marker.

If the number is already covered by your marker, you can place another one of your markers on top of the one already on the board. Once a number is "doubled up" it is locked and cannot be bumped off.

If a number is rolled that is locked up,  that player skips their turn.

The game is over when all numbers are covered.
The winner is whoever has the most numbers covered with 2 markers.


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