Monday, October 17, 2011

Math Game - Add & Subtract

I came up with a version of this apple game from Little Family Fun after I realized I didn't make enough apples for both of us to keep adding apples. 


What you need:
1 die
Game board (can be a plain sheet of paper, or a picture to match your theme)
Anything you can count (crumpled up paper, blocks, erasers, beads, pom poms, etc.)
The first player roles the die and adds that many counters to the board.
The second player roles the die and takes that many off the board.
If there is not enough on the board to take away or enough off the board to add, then the player skips a turn. (C was always asking, "are there enough to take away?")
You can play as long as you want.

 adding 4
 taking away 1

C loved this game!

We later played the game using star shaped erasers.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Math Board

I came up with this mini abacus to make C because she is very into math right now. She is always asking me, "What is 5+7" or "What is 3+3+3?".

I took a piece of cardboard, cut slots on the sides and added some yarn and beads. Pretty easy.

And now she can do her own math facts :)

I am thinking of writing the number of beads next to each row.

Monday, October 3, 2011

October Plans

Week 1
(October 3-7)
Monday - Halloween Math Mats
Tuesday - Snap Painting
Wednesday - Alphabet Beads
Thursday - Can the wind movie it?
Friday - Apple Tree Game

Week 2
(October 10-14)

Monday - Sorting and Ordering Leaves
Tuesday - Fingerprint Fall Tree
Wednesday - ABC Pumpkin Match
Thursday - Sensory – flour
Friday - Beaded Pumpkin

Week 3

(October 17-21)

Monday - Pumpkin Seed Counting
Tuesday - Leaf People
Wednesday - Hide and Seek Pumpkin
Thursday - Life Cycle of a pumpkin
Friday - Hexi/Penta/Octagon sort

Week 4

(October 24-28)

Monday - 5 Little Pumpkins Puppet

Tuesday - Foot Monster
Wednesday - Q tip Outline a pumpkin (like the shamrock in this link)
Thursday - Carve a pumpkin
Friday - Toddler Bean Bag Toss (use pumpkin shaped bean bag)

10.31 Monday - Felt Pumpkin Faces

Halloween Math Mats

Today's game is very similar to the activity I mentioned back in February. The only difference is the shape used :)

First C dropped 5 black pom poms onto a pumpkin shape. She counted how many landed on and off the pumpkin. I recorded the numbers since she is very interested in math facts (and dressing like a ballerina).

 We did other combinations as well
 Then she made some faces
 Then I switched the picture to a spider web. Here she was counting how many small and big "spiders" were on the web.
Then she rolled a number die and put that many "spiders" on the web.