Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Easter Ideas

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Take an old shoe box and cut holes big enough for eggs to just fit through.
Easter Egg Memory - for this game I used foam blocks, but you could also use pom poms or any other small object you have 2 of. Since C is new to the game of memory, I only did 3 matches. But you can do more depending on the level of your child.

Sorting eggs by color in a painted egg carton
 J had fun just playing with the eggs and carton

Counting plastic eggs

Putting plastic eggs through a hole in an oatmeal container.

Eggs in a tissue box
Need plastic Easter eggs? You can find some here.

Using jelly bean cut outs to trace foam letters. We have other colors too. We sorted them and made patterns.

A few ideas from past posts
Mix and match eggs - match the egg to the picture
Paint using plastic eggs
Water painting with Easter Egg Coloring kit rollers
Hand print bunny cards

Monday, April 18, 2011

Tot School

We didn't do that much this week, or at least it doesn't feel like it. C was sick earlier in the week and J is still sick :(

 Before C got sick we took a walk around our yard looking for signs of spring. She used her own camera to take pictures of what we found (pictures shown are from my camera)

 She water painted with these little rollers that were in our Easter box. I am not sure where I got them. I am guessing from an egg dying kit I got several years ago.

 I made this simple math game using a cut up cereal box. I put the cards in a tissue box and she had to pull them out and tell me how many stickers there were. I made them into simple math problems because she is always asking me "what is 1 plus 2?" or "what is 2 plus 2?"

 I saw this idea on Make and Takes and made my own version. She had to pick the egg that matched the picture.

 She loves cutting. I gave her a piece of paper and just let her cut. Then she started to make a little man using her scraps. I thought it was pretty creative of her!

C is also starting to play and enjoy games. We found Candy Land at a rummage sale the other week, we have played it almost every day since. We also had fun playing this Peg People Game I created.

Tot School

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Peg People Race Game


I am sure you have seen the peg color matching game around. If not, here is the set I made -

(idea from Chasing Cheerios, Gluesticks has a cute version too!)

Although they are fun for C, even J likes to play with them, I wanted the pegs to have more than one use. So I created this game for them (it is similar to one that my old preschool had called Snails Pace Race

 The game board is made from an old cereal box which I painted on the plain side. I also painted 2 cube blocks I found in the unfinished wood section (same area where I found the pegs and pots) at Hobby Lobby.

And because there are only 5 racers, I painted one side of the dice using all the colors.

Since I forgot to include the purple peg in the race, she is the cheerleader on the sideline :)

For this game you can have as many players as you wish and everyone plays with all the colors. There is no arguing over who gets to be a certain color and no one child is the winner.

The first player rolls both dice and moves the pegs according to what is rolled. If you roll a blue and red, you move the blue and red pegs one space each.

If you roll the rainbow, you get to move any color you wish 

If you roll 2 of the same color, move the pegs ahead 2 spaces

Each player continues until there is a winner -- Red wins the race!

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Saturday, April 9, 2011


I came across this neat site called Pinterest through a blog I read. It is an easy way to keep track of your favorite ideas on the Internet. I created a site, check it out! I hope to update it as often as I can.

Tot School

C ~ 35 months
C had to build flowers like the cards
I made these using construction paper. I wish I had a flower shape cartridge in my Cricut, that would have been so much quicker! :)

I printed a variety of flowers in different colors in rows and then cut them into strips. C had to cut them out and sort, then glue to make flower gardens. She only did about 3 of the strips.

Sticking flowers in play dough - first in a ball on the table, then we put the ball of play dough back in the container and she stuck the flowers in again.

Sorting pentagons, hexagons and octagons.

 Painting with plastic eggs

 J ~ 13 months
Playing with pom poms and a muffin tin. She wasn't too into putting them in the tin, but she liked taking them out to put in that wooden tray.

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