Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tot School

Tot School
C is 25 Months

We played outside a lot, we had beautiful weather and took full advantage of it. 

C very much enjoyed watering flowers of all kinds

We drew on the Magna Doodle a lot. She told me this was a sailboat. She also drew strawberries (she usually draws random shapes and then tells me what they are. I don't think she intentionally drew a sailboat)
I love Magna Doodles, they are clean and there is no mess. We keep one in the car as well.

 Play dough at Grandma's house (they have a/c!)
C played in the pool a few times. We tried to get a new, bigger one, but the store was sold out of the one I wanted.

 Lots of bubbles in the wind

She also
* drew with sidewalk chalk
* played in the sandbox
* "helped" with some gardening

And she did stART for the first time

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