Thursday, May 27, 2010

stART: There Are Cats in This Book

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I mentioned in this post that There Are Cats In This Book was one of C's favorite books that we had checked out the library. So I decided to make this book be part of her first stART.

We didn't have any orange paint, so we had to make some! I added too much red. So next time we have to mix orange, it needs more yellow, less red :) I drew an outline and C painted it. When it was dry she drew a face and then we hung it up. I said "look there is a cat on the refrigerator" and she thought was the funniest thing!

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  1. aaaaah, I saw your post on "There are Cats in this Book" and it is now on our wishlist!!!

    Love the cat you made and a great way to "honour" your first stART project!

  2. Love the cute!

    Dropping by via stART!

  3. This is an awesome book and a great, interactive read aloud. Love your project.

  4. Very cute. We haven't read this book - I'm adding it to my library list.

  5. We loved that book too - and it's a great project for it. Your daughter has a great sense of humor for her age :)

  6. I will be on the lookout for that book when I go to the library!