Sunday, May 23, 2010

Tot School

Tot School
C is 24 months

We spent 2 weeks on X, Y & Z - although we took several days off during those 2 weeks.

Xylophone, Yarn & a Marble painted Zebra (that C started to color before I hung it on the cupboard)

X ray
just a hand/arm print on black paper

ellow Y collage
C finger painted yellow paint on yellow paper and put yellow stickers on the letter Y

Marble painted zebra
for this and the letter z, I put a piece of paper in an old Pringles container added some paint and a marble and had her shake and roll the marble around

Yellow finger-painting

Rice table with X,Y,Z sand molds

So we are done with the ABC's! Here are all the art projects C has done since she was 18 months!
I have all the ABC's in our kitchen but don't have a picture.

Other activities

I have seen this idea on a few blogs and have been wanting to try it with C.

I made the cards and had her match objects found around the house to the silhouettes - she really enjoyed this. The hardest part for me was finding objects to fit on 4x6 index cards that would be easy enough to trace and find a match :)
She got this puzzle for her birthday and enjoyed putting it together
water tub outside! She ended up wanting to water flowers instead of playing in the tub.

And of course we read lots and lots of books (seriously, this girl wants to read more than anything else! I love that!) Click here to see just a few of the books we have read.

Now that we finished the alphabet we are going to take an ABC theme break. I am going to now try and do themes based on books and try to join in on StART!


  1. Oh, my goodness - I love that "x-ray" :-) what a cute idea!

    Hopped over from Tot School!

  2. I love the silhouette activity...I've seen that before, but had forgotten all about it. Looks like fun!

    Your xylophone X is very, very cute. We're doing a X is for Xylophone them in a few weeks, and if it's okay, I might just "steal" that activity and credit you.

  3. Forgot to add...THANKS for the link to the graham cracker recipe. YUM!

  4. Cute ideas! Love the abc crafts!

  5. Hi there, saw you on Tot School.
    Love the outline work, I'm adding to our list of things to do :)

  6. Hi there!

    Thanks so much for popping over to my blog and the comment!!

    I really like all your art displayed! Nice pic!!
    You do get up to lots of fun! I'll be checking in again!

    Take care,

    Ps. I'm your newest follower!

  7. Really nice activities. Thank you!!!!
    I am a new blogger, it would be great to hear some comments from someone so creative and experienced blogger such as you. Thanks :)))))