Monday, May 10, 2010

Tot School

Tot School

~C is 24 Months~

This week we learned about the letter W!

Lots of Water play!
painting sidewalk with water

painting chalkboard with water
transferring water from bowl to bowl using a sponge
playing with water in the sink

A storm went through the night before and we had many water puddles in our driveway. C got rain boots for her birthday so I thought we would try them out. But she didn't want to jump, just look. We did see a bird taking a bath though :)

We found some worm tracks in our driveway

(ew!) And then we found a worm in the garden!

I painted the palm of her had to look like a watermelon. Then we dipped the end of the paint brush in black paint and C painted the seeds

She also used Water colors to paint a letter W

Other Activities

We made many Mother's Day cards (one for each Grandma and Great Grandma)
Found the idea here.
 painting with some packing peanuts that came in one of her birthday gifts

Fun Stuff
 Got to pet a baby calf at a local May Fest! Also saw baby goats and chicks.

 We went to a different park than we usually go to. She is still too small for most of the equipment, but had fun on this slide!

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