Monday, February 8, 2010

Valentine Ideas

Acitivites I used in my preschool room a few years ago

Ideas were my own or based on the ideas of others. I did not write down where I found the ideas.

 I made most of these activities using paper and construction paper.
I had limited funds for laminating so I used sheet protectors.

These erasers were found at the Dollar Tree several years ago

Sort the erasers by shape


I do remember these erasers were purchased from Oriental Trading from this assortment pack

Trace the letter H using heart erasers

Here is my daughter (21 months) sorting foam sponges that have been cut in half by color in heart shape bins
The sponges can also be used as blocks :) Both the sponges and baskets were found at the Dollar Tree several years ago.

Sort hearts by size

Match the cookie cutter to the heart of the same size. When I taught preschool I had 2 sets of the mat and children were to cut the hearts out of play dough and match to the heart of the same size the mat.

Color Matching File Folder

Heart Puzzles

Homemade Memory Game made from heart stickers

This was a favorite. The children were given a few pom poms and then had to stand above the heart and drop them on the heart. They then had to count how many landed on the heart and how many landed off of the heart. It was a great math skill game!

We made posters, but this could be made into a greeting card as well. The card says "Hugs & Kisses for You" and children were given assortment of X's and O's in different fonts. They glued the X's and O's and some hearts on the paper. I believe this idea came from a Mailbox Magazine.

Children wrote their name before the word loves and depending on level wrote who or what they loved (or the teacher helped) Then they drew a picture of what they loved in the heart.

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