Monday, April 12, 2010

Tot School

Tot School
C is 23 months!

This is 2 weeks  worth of activities

We learned about the letter T

toothpicks in styrofoam

toothpicks in an old cinnamon container

tossing tennis balls in a box 
(I won this giveaway from Mama to 3 Blessings and the diaper bag came in that box!! I love the bag too by the way!! I got the polka dot one)

Gluing triangles on the

marble painting - we made this into a tiger

I drew a tree and she painted the leaves

Transportation - I made this when I taught preschool - she matched the cars and roads by color

These are transportation foam beads from Oriental Trading that I ordered a few years ago. I did a search and they must not sell them anymore. We sorted by color, kind of transportation and by size (each type of transportation came in 3 sizes) She really enjoyed playing with them.

I don't have pictures but I also put small objects that begin with T in plastic eggs and hid them for C to find.

Seasonal Activities

I hid the letters of her name in eggs and she matched the letters to those on a card

"Toddler helping" me plant some seeds

Matching flower stickers

Another activity I made when I taught preschool.
We did this mostly as a color match, but had fun counting too.

Checking out the tulip that bloomed!


  1. I love the marble painting! We might have to try that!

  2. Love the toothpick idea! I love those ideas that use everyday household items! Thanks for the idea!