Monday, April 19, 2010

Tot School

Tot School
~C is 23 months~

This week we learned about the letter U.

watched a helium filled balloon go Up (over and over again)

crawling Under a table

I showed her 3 cards and she told me which ones were Upside down

Matching raindrops to the Umbrella.
I made this when I taught preschool. I only gave a few for C to do at a time.

having fun with the paper Umbrellas :)

She colored the letter U blue and added things that belong Underwater and made a hand print Umbrella

Stood Under the Umbrella

I saw a cute idea to make an Uncle memory game, but never got around to making that.

Other Activities
C really enjoys doing puzzles and most she has are getting too easy for her to do.
She got this Abby puzzle for Christmas and I thought this would be a good time to start working on harder puzzles. First I took 1 piece off and asked her where it goes (here she is showing her baby doll the puzzle piece). I did this a few times with different pieces. Then I took off 2 pieces then 3. That is all we did this week for this puzzle and she really enjoyed putting it together this way. It wasn't too hard and didn't frustrate her. I will continue to take more pieces off until she can do the entire puzzle on her own :) She also got a Winnie the Pooh puzzle and will be getting a Dora puzzle for her birthday that are similar, and I plan on introducing those in the same way.
I finally got around to adding rice to her sensory tub and she really enjoyed playing with it this week.


  1. Must have been U week. We did U too!

  2. What a great week with so many activities!

  3. I love the umbrella alphabet game. I'm also loving the handprint umbrella and the activity to find the upside down pictures. Fun stuff!

  4. Wonderful activities! I love the umbrella and raindrops!

  5. How messy was the rice? I was thinking about putting together a sensory tub.

  6. It was messy. But mostly when I would let C play with it without me being nearby. That is when she made the biggest messes (carrying a cup away and accidentally spilling it all over the floor) But C was just interested in scooping and pouring, she didn't get too crazy with it.