Thursday, November 10, 2011

November Plans

I apologize that the November plans are so late!!

Week 2
(November 7-11)
Monday -  Counting feathers
Wednesday - Tracing Activity (page 9 of download)
Thursday - Button Turkey
Friday - Turkey Color Bingo

Week 3
(November 14-18)
Monday -  Feather Addition
Tuesday - I Made a Little Turkey handprint
Week 4
(November 21-25)
Monday -  Roll a Turkey, and maybe do a Thanksgiving version of this
Tuesday - Turkey Puppet
Wednesday - Turkey Place Cards (C loves writing family names!)
Thursday - Happy Thanksgiving!!
If we have time & if C needs something to do Thanksgiving Meal project
Friday - Yarn on Sandpaper

Week 5
(November 28-30)
Monday -  Zig Zag Car Race
Wednesday - Do a few Letter Paths, C hasn't done them all yet
   (Thursday & Friday will begin our Advent activities, those plans coming soon)

For more Thanksgiving ideas, check out my board on Pinterest

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