Sunday, February 28, 2010

Tot School

Tot School
~C is 21 Months~

This week we learned about the letter P

Painting the letter P pink

Enjoying some Little People Olympics

This was a favorite for the week! Find out more here

Painted foot and made penguin prints

 Painted with Little People Dolls

We inherited the Leap Frog Fridge ABCs this week. She pretty much only pushes the button that sings the ABC's. But I got her to push the letters a few times :)

We also made some crayons in a muffin tin - We made 1 pink and purple crayon :)

C's Grandma took her to story time at the library while I went to a Dr. apt. They had fun and came home with a few new books, including one about bringing home a new baby. C loves going to the library :)

Find out more about Tot School at 1+1+1=1

Baby is due on Wednesday, so not sure how much we get done this week.
We may just take a few weeks off until things settle down a bit.


  1. aw great ideas! Love the penguin feet

  2. Love the penguin foot prints!! So cute!

  3. oh my word-you are so brave with the penguin feet...too cute!!!!

  4. I love the penguin feet and using the little people for painting. I tend to forget about the endless paint possibilities. Wishing you well and sending you thoughts and prayers as you approach your due date!

  5. You are a brave mom with the penguin foot prints. But what a great keepsake!

  6. What a great week! I love the penguin prints!!

  7. My daughter loves tracing her feet; maybe she'll like painting them too! I'll have to try the penguin prints. Too cute. And I love the idea of the Little People ice skating!