Sunday, September 12, 2010

Tot School: All About Me

C is 28 months

We are back to doing Tot School after taking much of the summer off. Our theme for September is "All About Me".

I had many things planned that we didn't get to and we did many things that were unplanned.

I traced C on the back of some wrapping paper. She colored and I labeled the parts. When we were done we hung it on our wall :)

We are putting together a book for this theme. I traced her hand and foot for her to color on 4x6 index cards. Other pages include lists & pictures of her favorite things (foods, animals, colors, etc) and a picture that she drew herself. I will put these pages in a $1 photo album. We will add to this book as we do more with the All About Me theme - other weekly themes this month will be "my family" "my house" and "I can do it myself".

She counted her hair clips

She sorted the body parts to our mini Mr. Potato heads on a chalkboard I placed on the floor.
She matched ABC stickers to ABC's I had written on paper. She enjoyed this :)

We got these stickers in the mail this week and she immediately had to play with them

We went to the apple orchard with some friends

She helped me made these breakfast cupcakes (well, we made some into cupcakes and some into pancakes)

 I got out this Lego Freestyle puzzle I found at a thrift store years ago (not sure if they still make it, I couldn't find it on Amazon) All the pieces fit together, so there is no wrong way to put it together!

J is at the age (6 mo) where she is interested in toys (and putting everything in her mouth) and C is at the age when everything is hers and doesn't like to share (especially with her sister, she is different with our friend's babies). So we started having what I call "sister time". I really hope this will work on some sharing skills. In this picture C was building towers for J to knock over. 
Anyone have suggestions on how to get a 2 year old to share with their younger sibling?

Tot School


  1. I like the Mr. Potato head body part sort. That is such a cute simple idea.

  2. If my daughter (30 months) wants a toy that my son (9 months) is playing with, I've taught her to always give him another toy before taking the other one. I know this won't work forever, but for the time being it works because he doesn't care what toy he has as long as he has one.

  3. That freestyle puzzle is really cool. Seems like a terrific way to start learning about jigsaws without frustration setting in

  4. Cool puzzle! Looks like she had a fun week!

  5. I am agreeing with everyone else! That puzzle is the coolest thing and I would love to find one for E. She gets frustrated with puzzles not fitting together how she wants! Great week!

  6. How fun! My kiddos are about the same ages as yours, 29 months and 7 months! And we are at the same stage. I also tell her that if she takes a toy that is in front of him she has to give him a new one. But, if it is in his hands she can't take it out. Oh, and we got those stickers this week, too. My DD took them to Wal-mart and put them all over me ;)

  7. The potato head sort is a fabulous idea! I will have to add it to my list of things to try!