Monday, September 27, 2010

Tot School - Our House

This week our theme was "Our House"
The first thing I made was this matching game. I used a file folder and drew a house on the front with enough windows for us each (4 of us) to have 2 windows
I used an exacto knife and cut the windows and door so they can open.
On the inside of the folder I put our pictures - 2 of each.
I put our family picture behind the door just for fun.
C loved this matching game and had fun finding the matching pictures. I only taped the pictures so I could move them around if needed.
We counted the rooms in our house. I grabbed some pom poms and we went around the house and put one on the floor in each room. Then we took this bucket around and picked them all up. When we found them all we counted them to find out how many rooms we have in our house.

I had plans to count other items in the house, but we never got to it. Maybe we will do that this coming week.
Another use for those pom poms! C put the small ones through the holes in a Parmesan cheese container.
We received more stickers in the mail this week. I placed the large stickers on the paper and she found the matching small sticker.
I tried to get C to make any mark inside the empty circles of the sticker sheet (based on an idea from The Activity Mom) but C wasn't interested and wanted me to do it. She kept saying "you do it Mama"
She helped me in the kitchen again, she whisked ingredients for this recipe of egg stuffed tomatoes ("Miss Picky" even tried it, but did not like it)
She also "helped" me make these Oatmeal Waffles.

Tot School

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  1. I love the house game, wonderful!

  2. I have come over from Delicious Ambiguity where this idea was featured.

    This is a neat idea that I also think my two year old would enjoy. Thank you for sharing.

    I am your newest follower!