Friday, February 11, 2011

Heart Rainbow & Heart Hunt

I was going to have C make another wreath for her other grandma (which is why my wreath post is called wreath #1) But, at Awana this week, she made this (C added more hearts at home)

 I am annoyed with my pictures, they are rotating on their own, anyone know how to fix this? They aren't rotated in my picture folders
So, I decided to have her make a heart rainbow instead. I eventually helped her with gluing, but she put all the hearts on the rainbow by herself.

I also hid hearts around the house for her to find.
(I think we will do this again, but I will write a simple activity to do on the hearts - like read a book, or jump up and down 10 times, or sing the ABCs)


  1. I am writing this in response to a comment left on Facebook.
    I guess the main focus of this was to name and sort colors, make patterns (which I suggested, but she didn't want to do) and to practice gluing, not really art. She is *very* particular about *everything*, so she wanted to put the hearts in the rows. I did not help her with that. She grew bored of the gluing after doing the blue row, yet still wanted to finish it with my help. She definitely learned about glue with this project as she made a big mess :) If this were a classroom, of course I wouldn't have been able to help finish the project for every student, but this was a 1 on 1 activity with my own child, I have 2 children and it was special for her to do this alone with me. If I were to do this in a 2 year old classroom, I would have just given them a blank piece of paper to allow them to glue wherever they would like and to do as many as they want.
    I too learned in college to not not provide coloring pages, work sheets, etc. She is given plenty of other opportunities to be creative and she is one of the most creative children I have ever known.
    I just shared what we did instead of the activity I had planned for the day, which was going to be similar to something she had already done the night before. We still have plenty of hearts left over, if she wishes I will let her glue those freely on a blank piece of paper.
    Sorry this probably didn't help, but I thought I should explain it a little better.

  2. Sounds like she had fun.
    {for the rotated picture problem-sometimes my photos do this. Even though it doesn't look like it needs to be rotated in my viewer in my picture folder, I rotate them all the way around and it seems to set them right. i hope that made sense and it helps.}