Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sensory/Activity Box

I made C the ever popular Valentine sensory box. I filled it with practically everything I could find in my collection of stuff that was white, red or pink. Along with some heart shaped erasers that are none of those colors. I even added a few other items after I took the picture above. While C was playing with it we discovered a few ways to play with the variety of materials inside, so it became more of an activity box than a sensory box.

 pom poms in an ice cube tray
 pom poms inside caps

 Tracing name with heart erasers

 Stacking a variety of lids

 hair ties on a pencil

 Flat marbles on foam hearts and lined up on a foam strip

 Flat marbles on the hole punch puzzle I posted about yesterday

 Pom Poms on top of foam blocks

 Straws on pipe cleaners
 Pipe cleaners inside of pegboard pieces. A few of them also have straws on them. I do have pony beads, but I didn't add those until after we did this.

There are probably several other ways to play with the box, time to go explore some more!

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  1. Great job!! Love the caps and pom pom activity! Kerri

  2. I love the variety of activities that you got out of those materials. We are really into playing with found and recycled materials too. Fab!

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