Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Quiet Box #2

It has been pretty busy around our house - I filled in for a teacher at my old job for a full week, J had a birthday(!) and just the every day busyness of having 2 young children. We haven't had to get the quiet box out for a week or so, but I was able to get some pictures of another one.

I had these ball erasers and printed a sheet so she can match which sporting equipment the ball goes with

Pipe cleaner sorting (using an old Pringles container)
Foam number puzzles
ABC Stencil with paper and pencil
M&M Dominoes
I made this for my classroom one year as a game.  I put it in the quiet box so C can name and sort the shapes. (I think the game was played by putting all the cards in a pail, which was passed around during circle time. Each child had to pick a card and say what the shape was. If they drew the card with all the shapes everyone had to put their cards back in? I think? Something like that) I have a colors version too.

Foam shapes

Juice lids with stickers matching game

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abc button

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