Monday, March 21, 2011

Quiet Box #4

 matching pon pom colors in an ice cube tray

 beans (painted pink with pig faces) dropped in a creamer container

 pig lacing card
 hair ties on the mallet of another toy

 abc magnets

 foam numbers, flat marbles and a counting sheet

 ice cream erasers and letters to trace

 I made these a long time ago, I made 1 set for every letter of the alphabet using a variety of colors. They are supposed to be double Popsicle sticks. On one side is the lower case letter on one and the upper case letter on the other. On the other side is a picture that starts with that letter on one and the upper case letter on the other. C really wanted to play with this when we came across it in my collection, so I decided to add it to her quiet box.

another one


  1. Love the popsicles! =) what a fun week of learning!

  2. I like the quiet box activities. I need to make some these up for my kids.

  3. Those are great. I love the ice tray one. so simple! Thanks for sharing the idea.

  4. What fun ideas!! I agree.. the popsicles are awesome!

    Thanks for sharing this at For the Kids Friday at SunScholars! I will be posting the next party tonight. I hope to have you linking up again this week!

    :)rachel @

  5. The popsicles are so fun! Great idea!