Saturday, March 19, 2011

Tot School

 C helped me start some seeds.
C traced her left hand, I traced her right hand. Then I traced over the pencil line with a sharpie. I had pieces of paper with numbers 1-10 written on them. C put them in order and glued them over her fingers. She really liked this activity. I thought it would take us about 5 minutes and it ended up lasting about 45 minutes (she traced all the numbers and colored both hands) Idea found at House of Baby Piranha

 This activity didn't go as planned (idea found at The Chocolate Muffin Tree). Instead of having C do Tot School during J's nap (like we usually do), I thought maybe I could let them both paint at the same time. That wasn't really a good idea. C wanted a washcloth, so while I was getting that for her, J made a huge mess (picture below)  While I was cleaning J, C decided finger paint instead of using the blocks. Oh well :)

 I made this shamrock game to play on St. Patrick's Day (somewhat based on this idea I found at Along the Way) I made 2 blank shamrocks on the paper and told C that each of us got 1 of each color heart (made of contruction paper). I made a shamrock that C had to replicate. Eventually she started making one so I could make one that looked the same. I tried to have her make 2 that looked the same, but she lost interest after doing that once. 

 She glued shades of green paper on a shamrock

Now that J is 12 months, I plan on including her in some Tot School posts.  I have been trying to do more during my rare 1 on 1 times with her, usually is when C is doing a quiet box.

messy finger painting

I put tape on J and let her take it off (idea found at The Activity Mom)

Shaking seed packets

Tot Schoolabc button
No Time For Flash Cards


  1. aww, love the messy fingerpainting! :)

    I like how you tried to do the painting with both of them - even though it ddin't go as planned it's still nice to try and get them used to doing it every now and then.

    Fun week!


  2. I loved your story about painting. We've done that before too!

  3. We did a similar math finger counting activity a while back, but I stuck masking tape directly onto the girls' fingers. I love the way you did it. And the shamrock game is a great idea. The messy fingerpaint picture is cute. My Hannah fingerpainted for the first time around Valentine's Day and she had a blast. She was 10 months old at the time.
    Your girls are close in age to my two youngest girls. Amelia will be 3 in June and Hannah will be 1 next month.

  4. ha ha... so cute! I'm sure the kids loved it!

    Thanks for sharing this at For the Kids Friday at SunScholars! I will be posting the next party tonight. I hope to have you linking up again this week!

    :)rachel @