Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Easter Ideas

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Take an old shoe box and cut holes big enough for eggs to just fit through.
Easter Egg Memory - for this game I used foam blocks, but you could also use pom poms or any other small object you have 2 of. Since C is new to the game of memory, I only did 3 matches. But you can do more depending on the level of your child.

Sorting eggs by color in a painted egg carton
 J had fun just playing with the eggs and carton

Counting plastic eggs

Putting plastic eggs through a hole in an oatmeal container.

Eggs in a tissue box
Need plastic Easter eggs? You can find some here.

Using jelly bean cut outs to trace foam letters. We have other colors too. We sorted them and made patterns.

A few ideas from past posts
Mix and match eggs - match the egg to the picture
Paint using plastic eggs
Water painting with Easter Egg Coloring kit rollers
Hand print bunny cards


  1. You have such great ideas.

    You've been awarded!

  2. Oh, this was busy and fun! :) I can tell she's enjoying it!

    Your blog got feature in this week's High paw as a new blog (and a great one, to add!). Thank you for joining us and hope to see many more fun ideas in future!

  3. The eggs in the shoebox is a brilliant idea!


  4. new follower - love the ideas!! I'm going to use them in therapy. Thanks!