Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ten Dirty Pigs

This week at the library, the theme was "pigs". The librarian always sets out a variety of books relating to the theme for the children to check out. We picked out the book Ten Dirty Pigs by Carol Roth. It is really 2 books in 1. If you flip it around and turn it upside down, it is another story called Ten Clean Pigs.

After reading it,  I thought C would love to make her own muddy pig (she had lots of fun with all the pig activities they had at the library!)

All I did was print a pig on pink paper and let her sponge paint brown paint on it

Pig found here - I enlarged it
The only brown paint we had was acrylic, I added dish soap hoping it would make it more washable. And wouldn't you know, the one time I do this, she hardly makes a mess.

Shibley Smiles

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  1. After playing outside, JDaniel looks this dirty!

    Thanks for sharing on Read.Explore.Learn.